'Quiz Worx' at a school assembly

There are good reasons for your child to attend Christian SRE class whether you consider yourself a religious person or not.

  1. Education
    SRE helps parents educate their children in matters of faith. It encourages children to embrace the Golden Rule: Treat others as you would have them treat you. They will hear the main stories of the Bible during their years in primary school.
  2. Spirituality
    SRE helps children explore the spiritual questions that often parents and classroom teachers feel ill-equipped to answer.
  3. Bible Literacy
    Bible stores enrich our understanding of the English language and literature. They explore the geography and history of the Middle East. They illustrate the Christian values underlying Australian society.
  4. God's Love
    The words of the Bible are known to bring comfort and challenge. They are heard at ANZAC Day services, weddings and funerals. During SRE lessons children will deepen their understanding of God's love for them.
  5. Who are the Teachers?
    Scripture teachers are enthusiastic volunteers who are caring and respectful. They are part of a team of 70 teachers in Coffs Harbour area, who are members of local churches. It is a requirement that they have child protection training.