Primary School Teachers

CCSM manages over 60 volunteer teachers in our primary schools, some of whom can be seen at our primary training mornings.

High School Teachers

In the high schools, our head teacher, Darren Gray, teaches Christian Studies at Woolgoolga three days per week, one day per week at Coffs Harbour and one day per week at Toormina, with occasional visits to Orara. His classes range from yr 7 to yr 10. With a Bachelor of Education degree, Darren came to us in 2012 with ten years' full-time experience teaching children of all ages from pre-school to high school.

Darren stands by what he said in his job application: “Teens have a youthful exuberance and an infectious energy that makes working with them always fun and never predictable.” He counts it an honour and privilege to share Christ in our local state high schools.

Woolgoolga High School welcomes him at staff gatherings. As a drummer he takes part in school events and assists school staff in various ways as a volunteer.

He and his wife are part-time pastors of Generocity Church where their family worships.

Kent Cheney loves working with young people. Hailing from Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, he began teaching yrs 7 and 8 classes at Orara High School with Darren in 2016 and now teaches the yr 7 and 8 classes there on one day a week. In his mid-to-late-twenties, he has prior experience as a youth worker, teacher’s aide and McDonalds team manager and has a theology degree and diploma in social science.

A born teacher, Kent also teaches several primary school SRE classes.
Harbourside Presbyterian Church employs him as youth pastor. His wife and family attend there with him.